Sunday, September 11, 2005

Isn't this a readers' blog? Why do you keep talking about sex? Why so few book reviews? Where are the juicy author gossips and the stupid catfights?!

If you don’t like what we do, for fuck’s sake, go forth and seek other sites. Honestly... In any case, let’s clarify some stuff:

a) Yes, this is The Book Bitches blog, and yes, we do talk about books here. But there are a lot of ways you can talk about books than just by reviewing them. What we do is... well, different. Here are two posts as examples: “The Big Cock Theory” and “His Ever Throbbing Manroot” (or just peruse our favorite posts scrolling on our ticker, that box on top of our pritti chatbox). As The Brainwash Café team has said about us: “Here, you can find articles on nearly everything all written with, hmmm... lets say a ‘unique’ style...” See, we’re unique. :D (We like those guys!)

b) We don’t have the interest, time and tolerance to seek gossips about authors. We can’t spend our time searching for “juicy” tidbits about the literary world, not even the romance genre (we’re busy and fucking lazy). We are not in tune with what’s happening in different authors’ personal lives. Actually, we’re usually the last ones to find these tittle-tattles! We are self-centered bitches who don’t give a flying fuck about others’ flights *le sigh* (unless it’s uber importante, heh). Of course when we happen to come across said topics and/or feel compelled to talk about scandals—or this and that author fighting idiotically in public, etc—promithe, when we do have something to say, you WON’T miss it.

c) We don’t attack authors. Meaning, we don’t call them bad, uglee oompa loompas. Their book is another matter, however. If we feel that one’s book is gad-awful and deserves to melt in a huge pot of boiling undiluted bubotuber pus—we will say that, of course. As for the stupid catfights, see “WTF? Why did you delete my comment?”

d) As much as we talk about books, sex stuff and men will always be part of this blog. So never fear, you dirty pervs. :P We are proud to be women who celebrate their sexuality and we do appreciate God’s gift of yummilicious men. *g* (Ohhh, thankee lord for the yummilicious men!)