Sunday, September 11, 2005

WTF? Why did you delete my comment?

a) You’re acting like a jackass, saying something offensive or disrespectful. We ask TBB commenters to be civil and nice. Flaming, belligerent debates, too nasty sarcasm are not welcome. Yes, at times we break these rules ourselves—sarcastic bitches that we are—but we live here.

b) You’re saying something that’s got nothing to do with the post the comment is made upon.

c) You’re being an ackflibbit. Damn, man! Speak a da Inglish!

d) We will NEVER allow vile type of behavior here. We have been incredibly blessed with warm-hearted smart readers that can voice their opinions, to either agree or disagree, in a graceful and classy way. But if ever the day comes in which to preserve what we have so painstakingly built, we need to erase, ban, kick-out or do whatever is in our power to do, we will do it with an iron fist—aye, even if it’s to a loved reader, author or blogger.