Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yoo hoo... Would you like to trade links?

Sorry, but no. In case you’re temporary blinded by our beauties, :P we don’t even have a blogroll. We’re self-centered bitches, aye. (We link people on our posts, though.)

Truth be told, Trollop wanted a blogroll but Harlot, ever the selfish one, didn’t want one. :/ (Well, it looks fugly and very cluttery! *hmph*) If we link someone, we have to link eeeeveryone so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings and that’s gonna be a list from here to freakin’ kingdom come! By then it’d be pointless because folks RARELY ever click a verra long blogroll (yep, we tested it), not to mention linking should be about quality and not reciprocation.

If you’d like to link us, we’d love that, thank you. Sounds hypocritical since we don’t trade links? Not really. As Bacchus puts it, a link is a compliment; a link exchange offer is a sneaky way of saying:

“I don’t really like your site enough to link to it. If I did, I’d already have your link up. But, even though your site isn’t worth linking to, I’ll do it anyway... if you’ll link back.”