Sunday, September 11, 2005

What in pickling gherkin is BBC, and how can I join it?

Bitches Book Club (BBC) was officially launched on March 2006 (sounds like a space shuttle :/). Anyone that has read the book can participate, FREE, no charge, really really—though, if you want to send us some money, please, by all means. *g* Just answer the damn questions; the more people that join, the more interesting and diverse the discussion will be!

Every first day of the month, a book selection will be announced. Discussion begins the last Monday of the same month (unless announced otherwise). Usually, there are approximately 5-6 questions per book (we do not want our readers typing answers until their poor wee fingers fall off). Some of the questions will be posted when the “Book Selection of the Month” is announced, so participants can mull them over while they read. The rest will be posted when discussion officially starts, yay!

Discussion and comments are recorded on archives for further perusal. If you want to add something even after the discussion is over, please feel free to do so.