Sunday, September 11, 2005

TBB is a thousand shades of awesome! :D How did it come about?

Once upon a time there was a most beautiful bitch named Trollop. She’d been an avid reader all her life, finishing her first book in the summer between first and second grade, a children’s version of Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. There hasn’t been a time since then that she hasn’t been in the middle of reading a book or novel.

One day, she came upon a book titled Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It was the first time she’d read a romance novel and she absolutely loved it. This got her hooked on romance; however, most books that landed in her greedy little hands were a bunch of bullocks! She desperately wanted to share her frustrations with someone, but the only BB she was part of had a “no bashing books” policy which, though completely understandable, was freaking exasperating.

Enter the uber gorgeous Princess Harlot! Like Trollop, she too loved to read ever since she was a little heathen stealing books from her grandpa’s library. She discovered romance novels (through Judith McNaught’s Something Wonderful) almost at the same time Trollop did (both at the age of 21; coincidence?—I think not!) and like Trollop, she needed a place to vent about the crappy books she had the misfortune to read. Trollop then thought of a solution where the two of them could trash and bash, whine and rip apart any books they hated.

And so, The Book Bitches was created, thanks to Trollop’s endless babble about this or that book that “sucks so bad I’m seriously contemplating slicing my wrists instead of continuing to read this crap.” The original idea of purely reviewing—*cough* trashing *cough*—books all the time was discarded shortly after the blog first started. TBB is now a place for the two of them to talk about books, movies, TV shows—life in general, really—and there is, of course, tons of sex talk. It’s like having their very own shrink, without the exorbitant fees. *g*