Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hubba hubba! Where did you find the picture you just posted? What's the name of that scrumptious eye candy?!

Harlot: Since I’m the one who often post eye candy I’ll answer. Frankly I’m verra tired of this question—oh anguish, truly truly. *lesigh* If we have the source/link of something, we mention it. Every. Fucking. Time. Seriously!

Pictures are tricky, though. If you don’t see a link, it’s because I DON’T have one. I’ve been a perv downloading dirty stuff from the internet long before my blogging days. At the time it’s always been right-click-and-save, ya know? Now, in some cases, the link is in the freakin’ picture already.

As for the names of the studmuffins I’ve posted, honestly, dude, most of them I DO NOT KNOW. Please, oh please don’t hound me like a dog with a bone and piss me off; chances are even if I know it, I won’t say anything. Uh-hmm. I’m ebil like that. Sorry. Google, itz yoor frend.

Will you pritti please email me some porn/eye candy?

Fuck no. Google. Jeyzuz...