Sunday, September 11, 2005

How long does it take you to write a post? There used to be 4 BB; where are the other two? Did Harlot scratch their eyes out for lusting over Raoul?

Harlot: Just so you know, for MY Raoul—if I must—I will beat the crap outtaya! I may be tiny but I can kick and chop-chop like the best of karate kicker choppers out there! AYE! *hmph*
  • Trollop’s favorite posts are The Bitchin’ News, though she seldom writes them (they are very time consuming).
  • Harlot edits all the posts to make them “pritti” and eye-catching.
  • Trollop edits all the posts for grammar and sentence structure.
  • Harlot gets all the pretty pictures added in the posts because Trollop is lazy to search and usually gets the fugly ones.
  • Trollop works on editing pictures and headers.
  • Harlot has taken over most of the template changes. (Blogger hates poor Trollop!)
  • Trollop got her name from a Girlmore Girls episode where Lorelai is using a lipstick by the color of “Vicious Trollop.”
  • Harlot got her name because it sounds better than “Trollop.” :P
  • Trollop has a list a mile long of posts she wants to write about, but never gets to work on them and the list keeps growing and growing and growing.
Harlot: YOU list them? I have my own list but I also have to make sure I’ll make a list for Trollop. Seriously, she looses everything!—and she actually blames me when I “forget” what it is SHE should be writing about! :@

Trollop: We don’t have a schedule for posts, or which of us has to post a specific day. We sort of play it by ear. I show Harlot all my works in progress but I only get to see hers when they are already finished and drafted. *grrr* It takes me a couple of hours to write most articles, and a bit more if I have to do research. Harlot writes a post in all of 5 seconds, and before I edit them, I have to tell you, they’re freaking LONG! How she does it is beyond me; takes me a fucking hour to write a paragraph LOL.

TBB started with four members: Bawdy Babe, Harlot, Tart and Vicious Trollop as contributors. Later on, two of our mates left us because of real life commitments; therefore, there are now only two fabulous Bitches left: Harlot and Trollop. ;)